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Hi, I’m Alex!

Hi, I am Alex. I am a healthcare practitioner (chiropractor/NLP practitioner) and practice owner. I know all too well how tough it can be to grow a patient base, achieve results consistently, build a team and managing a practice.

I started as an associate in 2008, and with great mentoring and support, built 2 patient lists from 0 and moved to a clinical manager role. It wasn’t easy though. There was communication, marketing without selling and technique to master. I can tell you I made lots of mistakes. Many of which I would like to help you avoid.

In 2012, I opened my own practice and this was a steep learning curve. Systems, team training, marketing on scale, and managing HR. I was doing it all and quite frankly drowning in paperwork, accounts and leadership, + I was seeing my own patient base. Fast forward and I now have an incredible team, time to spend with my family, money for now, emergencies and the future and lots of freedom. I want this for you.

So, I started Wellbeing Revolution Training. My goals is to help practitioners master clinical practice, get great results for their patients, build confidence in all clinical situations and earn a good living too. My goal for business owners in to help them create their vision, without compromising all their time and freedom for wealth. I also want for them the option to sell their practices or run them independantly should they wish. We do this through our training courses and Business Growth Mastermind.

If you need help, I am here! Just send me an email


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